About the makers ohmyhug

About the makers ohmyhug

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Hello! I'm Elena Passa and I am the person behind Ohmyhug brand. Having studied the design and manufacture of footwear in Athens, I found the true inspiration in the design and creation of the baby shoes.

The inspiration for these shoes came from my desire to make unique, handmade gifts to the newborn babies of my friends. Joining my creativity and my knowledge, Ohmyhug was born in 2015. After having given some couples a gift, people were started interested more and more and since then I have been working on improving their design and developing the company.

All shoes are 100% handmade with genuine quality leather and have elastic openings, making them easy to get to the foot but difficult to slip off. Soft shoes are suitable for newborns as well as for young children and it is the perfect little shoe for the correct development of the child's foot as it is so soft that the babies feel they are barefoot but without being.

Ohmyhug is located six months in Athens and six months a year in Mykonos. There is no mass production, each pair of ohmyhug is manufactured exclusively and made only by order.



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