DIY Christmas decor super quick and easy.

DIY Christmas decor super quick and easy.

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The best Christmas pieces you make yourself. Create this eye-catcher with just a handful of products. You need: 

  • A glass vase                                
  • 2  sheets of brown wrapping paper.                               
  • A big branch from your favourite tree. ( of course here in Crete we use the olive tree.)
  • a few of your favorite ornaments.                            

Step 1

Wrap the wrapping paper around the branch and put it in the glass vase. It should stand up nicely after this.

Step 2

Hang in your ornaments and done! If you like you can add some lights too but less is more this Christmas....

Another way to enjoy your ornaments this year instead of in the Christmas tree or on a branch, is in a little frame. Just hang them in a little frame and place them on a shelf.

Let us know what your favourite way to decorate is this year! Pictures are welcome.


Our ornaments:

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