Island style

Island style

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Island style

Staying on a sunny island is as relaxed as it can get. Take some island basics with you and just enjoy! You don't need 100 outfits and loads of make-up. Wavy beach hair, a Pestemal towel around your hips and some comfy espadrilles will take you to the beach bar in style.

Evil eye necklace

The eye in Greece Is never out of fashion. Everyone has one on a bracelet or necklace to be protected from the "evil eye".

our favourite is this silver eye, you can wear it day to night and it will compliment all your Island outfits.

It's a towel, it's a sarong and it's a scarf for when the wind blows a cool breeze over the island.

With one light and easy-packed item it's like you brought 3 items with you. 

If we also tell you it's super soft on the skin and dry's as quick as your next swim, you know you'll not regret this buy.

Beach towel

Beach bag

This big beach bag is made of the same fabric as the Pestemal towel. It's super-light, washable and will take you around the Island with all the stuff you need.

Let's be honest, for a relaxed siesta or reading session on the beach, a beach-towel on a sun lounger will just not do. With this soft pillow you're in for hours of reading, napping and chilling.

Also this pillow is made from the same fabric as the towels, so soft, light and washable!

Lounge pillow

You'll want to wear something easy on your feet, slides you can kick off quick to run into the next inviting bay. With these espadrilles you'll be relaxed and still feel dressed well.

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