Put a delicious mezze-platter on the table in no time.

Put a delicious mezze-platter on the table in no time.

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Perfect for lazy Summer evenings,...

When it's Summer in Greece, evenings are the best! You just don't want to go to sleep when it finally gets cooler.

What you also don't want is spending hours of cooking for guests over hot pots and making lots of fuss.

So the mezze platter is a top solution! Ready in no time, looks amazing and You can mix and match for variations and tastes.

Get a board and place first the bowls with the dips in place. After you just add cheese and salami. Fill up the empty spots with fruit, olives, tomatoes, nuts, olives and of course some crackers and breadsticks to dip. Enjoy with some good wine and company!

*If You live in Crete You'll find a wonderful selection of Greek cheeses and wine at our friends at Wine-Time in Kamilari.

Get Your dip bowls here

Handmade in Sifnos, these ceramic bowls are your mezze-platter's best friends.

You'll use them again and again, the white colour will make the food pop and make the perfect background for all your creations.

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