The Makers - Irene Hussein

The Makers - Irene Hussein

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Irene Hussein

Uploaded by Irene Hussein on 2018-10-18.




I was very happy when I first found Irene's jewellery. I'd never seen anything like it before. Little macrame hearts, fish and beautiful ethnic designs. The perfect fit for Soulmade.




Greek-Egyptian Irene Hussein was born in Athens in 1989. From an early age,
she had a love for fine arts and especially jewellery.
She studied fashion design at the ESMOD University of France
and did her master's degree in handmade jewellery and accessories.
Her creations have an ethnic and elegant character.
Using macrame techniques in an unusual way is the reason her designs stand out. Some selected pieces of her work, are displayed at the Gallery Alma in Athens and in Trikala as well as at the Art Space ISOGEIO in Kifisia and in some outstanding places around Greece.
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