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5 Gift ideas for family and friends

June 22 2021

We already know that, "Happiness comes not from what we get, but from what we give." Still, buying gifts can be a stressful affair. Will they like it? Can they use it? Here are 5 gift ideas your family and friends will love!

1. Keychain wrist strap

The keychain by Irene Hussein is one of the bestsellers in our store. A design to suit all tastes, practical and something they will use every day. Your friends and family will remember you every time they open the door!
Choose light pink for your girly friend, blue patterned for the minimalist and the sparkly eyes for the glamorous.

2. A lightweight beach towel

Lightweight beach towels are another gift that everyone can use.
A black fish towel for your father? A romantic baroque towel for your aunt? Or the fresh Frangokastelo towel for your best friend? Even for people who are not beach lovers, the towels are a good choice. You can use them at the spa, at the gym, at yoga class, after the shower, as a scarf and even as a tablecloth.


Lightweight beach towels

3. Handmade ceramic bowl

The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a Greek meze! They can serve tzatziki, feta, olives and tomatoes in the different sized handmade bowls. The white color of the bowls makes the food stand out. They are handmade in a small workplace on Sifnos, where the craft is still passed down from father to son.


4. Scented candle 

A scented candle is another good choice. In addition to the aromatic pleasure, the design also puts you in a good mood.

5. Handmade tile coasters

Tilissimo's handmade tile coasters are a popular gift in our shop. They are neutral and match many interior styles, but have an impact due to their simplicity. You can choose between 6 different designs to suit the taste of the gift recipient.

handmade tile coasters


Have you bought anything else from the shop that your friends and family have enjoyed? Share it in the comments!


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