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7 Greek home decor ideas.

May 22 2021

Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations. The beautiful beaches, delicious food and friendly people are some of the reasons for this. Greece is a wonderful place to live and visit. With these 7 Greek home decor tips you can bring these relaxed Greek vibes to your space too!

Olive oil

When you say Greece, you say olive oil. Olive oil is used richly in the Greek cuisine. To cook, for salads or just to dip your bread in. Also to preserve foods like olives, artichokes and feta.

Having some beautiful glass bottles filled with olive oil brings the Greek atmosphere and flavour to your home. Put some garlic and herbs in them for extra flavour and decor!


Greek home decor



Drift wood

When you're lucky you can find the most beautiful pieces of driftwood on the beach. Just hanging them with some cord will do the job. You can use them as clothes rack or hang your jewellery on them. Not everyone lives close to the beach, but luckily many artisans make beautiful home decor with driftwood. 


Greek home decor


 Evil eye

Every home in Greece has an evil eye. It can be a ceramic one or a piece of jewellery. But there will be an evil eye.

The "evil eye" is a look that brings bad luck to the person to whom it's directed to. An evil eye charm will protect the owner against this evil stare. If you're a believer or not, the evil eye is an essential part of the Greek culture. So it's also an essential in your Greek home decor.

Greek home decor

Throw pillows

Greek interiors are all about comfort so throw pillows can't be missed. Choose a natural colour palette or blue and whites. Mix and match with patterns, shapes and textures. If you add an evil eye pillow you get bonus points, it's as Greek it gets!


Greek home decor

An olive tree

 Olive trees are a part of Greece. Having an olive tree in a beautiful pot will bring the Mediterranean atmosphere to your home. 

Olive trees love sun, so pick the most sunny spot for them. In the beginning you need to water the tree weekly but when it's fully integrated you can water it every couple of weeks. It will make a big impact and is worth the effort!


Greek home decor

Blue and white

Most people think of blue and white when thinking of Greece. It's a quick way to bring the Greek vibe to your home. To do this in a classy way, keep the base white  mixed with natural materials like wood and Rattan. Add accents like vases, coasters and pillows in shades of blue. 

Greek home decor

Woven towels

Lightweight woven beach towels are very handy to have when traveling in Greece. Because they are light and quickly dry they're perfect for the beach. 

But also in your home they don't disappoint! Because of their small volume, your laundry basket will not fill up as quick as usual. And their beautiful texture and designs will compliment your Greek home decor. Go for natural shades or shades of blue. Whatever you choose hang them in sight!


Greek home decor
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