A day at the beach....

Summertime = Beach-time!

Let your worries at home and enjoy a day at the beach, in style! With the favorites of the Summer collection you'll be like a cool Greek island Goddess.


1. The one thing You'll not love at the beach is the sand that gets everywhere. Our friends at Aelia developed this Extra large beachtowel so You can enjoy undisturbed beach-naps.

Get it here.


2. This little fish bracelet is your new favorite beach-jewellery.

It's water proof and you can adjust its size as you like.

Get it here.


3. Barefoot beachwalks sound amazing, but not on hot sand! With these crochet sandals your feet will be protected and look fabulous.

Get them here.


4. You'll need a big beachbag to put a good book, suncream and whatever makes you happy on the beach! With this beachbag from Aelia you look great and can take loads of stuff! PS Availlable in different styles and shades.


The tans will fade but the memories will last forever.

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