About the makers: Euthalia

About the makers euthalia


Growing up in Skopelos, one of the Sporades group of islands in the Aegean Sea, grandmother Euthalia learned how to use local herbs for everyday household needs. Her unique recipes for soap and beeswax cream —filling the house with the fresh scent of cleanliness and imparting to her skin a wonderful, healthy glow— inspired her granddaughter Euthalia to establish Euthalia Natural Cosmetics Values.

Euthalia is a line of Greek natural cosmetic products developed for today’s well-informed consumer. Adopting a holistic approach, they combine the latest finds of cosmetology with a deep understanding of the properties of natural ingredients. 100% natural, with increased efficacy, they feature the highly beneficial organic olive oil as a key ingredient, combined chiefly with known anti-oxidants wild rose and cistus. They bear the name of the lady that inspired them in her honor, but also because, by happy coincidence, the Greek word “euthalia” describes a state of flourishing or thriving — an implied promise realized indeed as they provide nutrients that promote skin health and beauty.

At the same time, they emanate enchanting echoes of grandmother Euthalia and the island of Skopelos, while respectfully nodding to the eternal supremacy of Nature and the traditional values and virtues of the Hellenic civilization.


Euthalia Natural Cosmetic Values, was founded in 2012 with absolute respect to the rules of nature, with no use of chemical preservatives, armed with the benefits of the rich Greek flora and
dedicated to the study of the ancient Greek medicine. Euthalia Cosmetics has become the antidote for the urban dweller, making his or her skin glow.

With the olive oil dominating a new series of products arose; combining it with essential oils and extracts of herbs and flowers which were selected due to their active properties, we created protective, effective and soothing compositions.
Our Vision is to offer to the modern consumer the opportunity to discover the true consciousness – eternal life, through pure, Natural and bioactive Cosmetic formulas based on the traditional Values and virtues with which we grew up in Greece.
Our company has the opportunity to cooperate since 2015 with the social volunteering organization “Wise Greece”. The organization is supplying our cosmetics in selected stores around Greece, with the money gathered from the resale of those products we help the organization of Wise Greece perform an important social responsibility program and provide food to the homeless and support charitable institutions or non-profit organizations that help children and the elderly. More about the initiative of Wise Greece and how you can become an official supporter you can find out www.wisegreece.com
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