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Day trips in Crete: Triopetra - Ligres - Agia Fotini

May 05 2022

One of my favorite summer excursions, right here in southern Crete! We drive from the village of Akoumia first to Triopetra. A little tip: do not do this day trip on a windy day! In Triopetra we take our first swim and walk along the sea. There are sun beds and places to have a coffee, but mostly we just walk, swim and relax on our towels.


From Triopetra we go to Ligres. It's only a 10-minute drive, right by the sea and with beautiful views. When you arrive in Ligres, there is a secret little staircase opposite the first taverna. If you go down the stairs, you will come to a small hidden waterfall that you must see! Also take a swim at the beach of Ligres, it is beautiful!


(You find the Knossos towel that I wear HERE)

Now we are hungry and continue to Agia Fotini, again only 10 minutes drive with beautiful views. Agia Fotini is very rocky, you can swim wonderfully in the clear water, but you need sea shoes. The taverna Agia Fotia is one of my favorites. Simple, fresh, delicious food. I feel like I am in an old Greek movie when I am here. It's like going back in time, in the best way!

Agia Fotia


Agia Fotini

If you made this trip, share your experiences in the comments! Or if I missed some great tips in this area add them so we can all enjoy!

(Find the Keros bag from the picture HERE)


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