Evil eye pillows

When shopping online, it's hard to imagine the product in your home. Will it fit the style? Is it as great as it looks online? Which colour will I choose?

I'm sharing the pictures I received from customers like you, enjoying the evil eye pillow in their home. Let's get inspired!

The first picture is of a home in the US. With the evil eye pillows they made the pool area look like a Greek resort. Love this!

The next picture is from the small eye pillow. It makes me want to curl up on this chair with a good book and dream away.

small eye pillow 

 This one is so pretty! I love the colours and the soothing atmosphere. It works really well to mix the small and big eye pillows together!

evil eye pillows

Also in the bedroom the pillows do well. Making you dream about Greek Islands,...

evil eye pillow


Love them? Just click on the pictures to get to the matching products.

Take pictures of the pillows in your home and send them to me! I like to add to this list. It's inspiring to see different ideas and styles.

You can send me the pictures true my mail, on social or the contact page of the web shop, I will be happy to hear from you!





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