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Gift ideas for her

October 13 2021 – Ilse Devriendt

Gift ideas for her
Gift ideas for her

This weeks gift list is all about her. Choose something meaningful. Something she loves or keeps her warm. (I hear it will be the coldest winter since ages!) 

The Greek initial necklace

The Greek initial necklace is the sweetest! Give the initial necklace to your loved one and they can keep you close to their heart. Not sure what your Greek initial is? Find out HERE.



The hand-knitted turban

This turban looks so chic! It keeps her ears warm while looking good. The turban is hand-knitted in Greece with a soft wool mix yarn. As with all purchases at soulmade, you can have your gifts gift wrapped for free + add a personal note at checkout. We even send the gift directly to the receiver.

 hand knitted turban


The macrame fish bracelet

Available in 6 different colours, surely there's one she loves! The little fish bracelet is hand knotted in Greece. It has a closure that can adjust size to fit all hands. The bracelet is also waterproof, you can happily swim and shower with it. 

 Hand knitted pompom hat

Make her feel cosy and warm this winter with the hand knitted pompom hat. It comes in 3 neutral colours to mix easily with most wardrobes. The perfect holiday gift to enjoy the rest of wintertime.


The zodiac sign necklace

If you want to do something really special, the zodiac necklace is an exceptional gift! Personal and beautiful. Available in silver or gold plated. On one side there's the picture of the sign, and on the other side it's written. If you're not sure about which sign she has, you can check it HERE.

Hope you've got inspired! Feel free to share this post, maybe somebody needs a hint ;)


  • soulmade-greece: October 14, 2021
    Author's avatar image

    Thank You Viviane! Happy you enjoy it!

  • Viviane: October 14, 2021
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    Thanks for all this ideas… Easy this year 😉😊😊👍🏼😘

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