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Glass blowing art

October 26 2021

In a time when everything moves so fast, it's refreshing to find products made slowly. The hand-blown glass collection of Nikos Haritakis is a real treasure.

Nikos has been making his craft since 1987, using glass from empty bottles, old windows, and basically any glass that has been thrown away. So the collection is completely recycled.

He draws inspiration from the colours of Crete, the green of the olive trees, the browns of the dry fields after long hot summers, and the many blues of the sky and sea.

Nikos says, "There are no straight shapes in nature." That's why he loves soft, round shapes that are pleasing to the eyes and hands.

 Above all, he shows his love for nature, for the simple things in life, and for his native Crete in his art.


glass blowing art

The great thing about his collection is also that everything is usable and practical. Jars, vases, and pitchers. They turn everyday moments into something special.See all the collection HERE


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