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Greek good luck charms

December 10 2021

In Greece, people give each other good luck charms (gouria) at New Year. It is a nice tradition to wish each other all the best for the coming year. You may see the gouria hanging in houses, cars and shops. Some popular symbols of good luck are the pomegranate, the eye, a boat or an onion.

We at soulmade-greece love traditions and are happy when people wish each other the best. But we also want our products to be useful and loved. Therefore, instead of the traditional "gouria", we offer fine handmade necklaces with different lucky charms. The necklaces can be given as gouri for New Year, but also for any other occasion during the year. And instead of hanging them on the wall, you can also wear them and enjoy them all day long.

The necklaces are handmade in Athens and are available in sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver. They are as light as a feather and therefore very comfortable to wear. There is a chain with different length options and the quality is just fantastic. Now the only question is which model should you choose?

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