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Greek Valentine gifts

January 25 2022

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we are not missing an opportunity to celebrate! A festive dinner, a heart-shaped cake enjoyed by the whole family and, of course, a small gift. Here are some handmade gifts that will inspire you:

The Greek initials necklace

Greek initials necklace

Give her your initials or hers in Greek. Personalised, thoughtful and original! The necklaces are made to order and are ready to ship within 5 business days. You can choose between silver or gold plated.


Love pillow

Love pillow

All you need is love...and this pillow! The sweet pink color combined with the cheerful yellow letters - so cute! The pillow is handmade in Athens and the letters are embroidered by hand stitch by stitch.


Heart bracelet 

 Heart bracelet

The macramé heart bracelet is such a sweet gift! It is water resistant and fits any hand thanks to the clasp closure. Choose from different colors or combine them together.


Happy bracelet

 The "Happy bracelet" is another great gift. A gentle reminder to make the most of every moment. Choose from four beautiful colors.


Red heart necklace


The perfect gift for the person you love. This red heart necklace is fine and elegant. Light as a feather to wear from day to night.

Cute animal soft toys 



These cute, handmade stuffed animals are perfect for Valentine's Day. Choose from four different animals or buy the whole gang! Just be prepared for your kids to want them!

As always, you can choose the free gift wrapping option at checkout and even send us a note to add to the gift. We can send the gift directly to the recipient.

Have a great Valentine's Day!

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