Enjoy a spa at home in 6 easy steps

You also feel energised and ready for anything after a spa session?

Unfortunately, we can't always get there. You're short of time, money or it's too far from where you live. With these six easy tips, you make your spa at home as relaxing as a professional one.



1. Plants

Plants are the quickest way to create a spa-vibe in Your Bathroom. If you're like me and you don't have green fingers, (Even succulents are hard to keep,...) Try air plants, they're the best! You can put them everywhere and even hang them upside down! They don't need water or soil. You can spray them with water or soak the root every few weeks.

2. Hammam towels

If You say spa you say hammam towels. Besides being practical (no more full laundry baskets of heavy towels, yes!) they also bring the whole spa-vibe to your bathroom. If it's winter put them on the radiator before using them so it's like a warm hug when You come out of the bath.

3. Candles

Of course candles. Ever seen a spa without candles? Choose one with a lovely scent and relax!

4. Tea

At most spa's they offer you some hot tea as a welcome drink. So easy to copy at home!

5. Music

Put on some music that makes you drift off. Enigma, some meditation music or easy lounge music will do, whatever you prefer!

 6. De-clutter

Get rid of the clutter! (nobody relaxes in a dirty mess) Put some baskets around to throw in all your pots and tubes and keep it clean.


What's a spa without a treatment? Here some homemade options I love and use all the time:

*Homemade scrub: Mix brown sugar with some olive oil or coconut oil for a natural but effective body scrub. 

*Pore tightening face mask: This is so easy! You only need an egg white. Put the egg white in a bowl and with a little brush apply it on your face. Leave it to dry and wash it off. You'll look so fresh!

If You have another tip or trick to create a spa at home, leave a comment, can't wait to hear it!

Ilse x

PS: You can shop for candles, hammam towels and storage baskets and create the perfect spa at home!


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