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Macrame earrings for the holidays

October 21 2021

Going out and dressing up, looks like we will be doing that again this coming holiday season. Dinner with friends, a drink in the evening, and festivities all around.

A quick way to upgrade your outfit is with earrings. Since we are usually looking at each other's faces when we go out, earrings make all the difference.

It is important that they are not too heavy, because a droopy ear does not look good. Comfort above all.

Put your hair up and give them the attention they deserve.

What makes macramé earrings a good choice is their light weight. Even if they are large, they are nowhere near as heavy as the metal versions. So you can wear them all day and evening without losing comfort.

macrame drop earrings

Another big plus is that they are handmade, so they are unique. Each earring is hand knotted by one person, so it is impossible to make one earring 100% the same as another. They have soul and character and are special, just like you.

The metal parts of the earrings are made of plated brass, a durable and long-lasting material. As with all coated metals, the less they come into contact with water, cream and perfume, the longer the coating will stay beautiful.

Macramé earrings make perfect gifts. Not overly expensive, unique and special, handmade and thoughtful. That's all a gift needs to be.

In addition to macramé earrings, we also have leopard print earrings. They are hand-beaded on a mini loom mat with a lot of patience and care. They are fun and people notice them.

They have the same characteristics as the macramé earrings. Lightweight, special and handmade. We all have a friend who loves leopard print. So here is the perfect gift.

 free gift wrapping

When you buy gifts from soulmade-greece, we wrap them for you. You can tick the "free gift wrapping" option at checkout, and there's even a box where you can leave a personal message. We will handwrite it on a card, include it with the gift, and send it directly to the recipient. You are welcome!

Buy the earrings here:

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