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New jewellery collection: Penelope Kallirosi

March 21 2022

This year, instead of going to the big trade shows, I visited designers at their workplaces. It was great to see how and where they work. Penelope Kallirosi is one of those designers. This is the first time we have had her jewellery in the shop, and we are really excited! There is a story and meaning behind everything she makes. That's what makes them so beautiful to give as gifts.

Atelier Penelope Kallirosi


Bee necklace

The first design is the bee necklace. The bee is industrious and devoted, a sacred symbol of abundance and community organization. A reminder to enjoy life with a purpose and give back to the world!
The back of the necklace reads "δώσε τον καλύτερο εαυτό σου", which loosely translates to "be(e) the best version of yourself".
This necklace is the perfect gift for yourself or for who need a little reminder to just show up and be the best version of yourself. It's available in silver or gold plated silver.


bee necklace


Gratitude necklace

We stay with the inspirational jewellery with the Gratitude necklace. One of the most important points for happiness is gratitude. Every time you see this gratitude necklace, think of something you are grateful for. See your mood lift from day to day.

gratitude necklace

Eros necklace

Eros is the Greek god of erotic love. This necklace is inspired by sea pebbles and memories you brought back from your summer vacation. On this pebble is written in Greek letters "Έρως".

Eros necklace


Luck necklace

This necklace features the word luck in Greek (τύχη) and is also inspired by pebbles and the memories you bring back from your summer holiday. It is available in silver and gold plated, like most of the designs from Penelope's collection.

Luck necklace

Light Necklace

The necklace "Light" shows the word light in Greek letters (Φως). It is inspired by the pebbles and the memories you take from your summer holiday. With this pebble you will carry the light and bright feeling of the Greek islands with you through all seasons. 

light necklace


Birds necklace

This necklace is inspired by the Greek embroidery "Κέντημα". It is a piece of a traditional embroidery set in silver and covered with gold. To me, the birds look like the doves of peace, which is all we want at the moment,...

Birds necklace
Birds necklace

Stitches collection

The Stitches collection is inspired by the Greek embroidery "Κέντημα". They are small embroideries set in silver and sometimes gold plated. There are necklaces, bracelets and rings in this collection. The bracelets and rings are adjustable in size to fit all wrists and fingers. They are the perfect gift for anyone who loves and appreciates traditions.

stitches necklace
stitches rings
Stitches bracelet
stitches bracelets

Rosary necklace

This rosary necklace is so delicate and at the same time very impressive because of its amazing summer turquoise color. The combination of the turquoise stones and the gold plated silver chain is absolutely stunning. It can be perfectly combined with other gold necklaces.

Rosary necklace
We are very happy to offer you Penelope's collection in our store and hope you like it as much as we do!
Just click on the picture of your favorite pieces to buy them!


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