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Quick bedroom makeover tips

September 08 2021

Summer is not over yet, but with September and the hype of back-to-school, you are eager to start fresh, clean up and declutter. There's no better place to start than the place where you can really relax: the bedroom. Since life is hectic and we want to have fun too, a few quick bedroom makeover tips will do the trick!

Change your bed cover

A quick and easy solution is to change your duvet cover. Opt for calming neutrals or a touch of blue that will take you back to your summer holiday.

quick bedroom makeover tips


Extra pillows

Another quick effect: extra pillows! They keep you cosy and come in handy when you are reading in bed. You can choose between so many designs and colours. As true Greece fans, we love the evil eye pillow. It's a touch of Greek folklore. They are available in a variety of soothing colours.

Air plants

Many people are afraid of having plants in the bedroom. There are plants that are suitable for the bedroom and those that are not. I am not a plant expert and I am not going to give you advice on this topic, so I am opting for air plants! They are not harmful to have in the bedroom and they are so easy to care for. Just give them light and mist them a little from time to time. The other great thing about them is that they do not need soil. Just hang them on a string, in a glass bowl, put them in a small cup or whatever you can think of!

quick bedroom make over tips


Candles are instant mood makers. Sometimes you get cosy in your bedroom, reading under the covers with tea and candlelight. It's the perfect moment to take a break. Love it!

 Quick bedroom makeover tips

Jewellery plate

Before you go to bed, you take off all your jewelry. If you have a nice jewelry plate on your nightstand, you will never look for your bracelet on the floor again. It's nice to have things in their place.


Bedside lamp

You know that feeling when you are dying to read a few more pages, but your husband wants to sleep? You need a bedside lamp. And since you'll be seeing it every day, you better choose a nice lamp that you really like! 

Bedside lamp with pompoms


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