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Small little gift ideas

October 06 2021

 Happiness lies in the little things. We give gifts to show the other person that we care and are thinking of them. A small act of kindness can make a big moment of happiness in the other person's day. Here is a list of small gift ideas that people will be happy to receive. 

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To get to the products, just click on the image.crochet evil eye keychain

The crocheted evil eye key chain

The crocheted evil eye keychain is a favourite! Protects against the evil eye, brings good luck and is the perfect gift for your Greece-loving friends. It is the right size for any bag and is handmade in Crete with love and care. You can choose between different colours.Shell jewellery plate

 Shell jewelry plate

For all jewelry and sea lovers, this shell plate is a great gift. They will never lose their jewellery again. The jewellery plates are made of clay. They are cast, polished and sealed by hand. Thus, each plate is unique. Besides jewellery, the plate can also be used as a soap dish.

 Keychain wrist strap

There's something for everyone! Choose from different designs and colours. The keychains are beautiful and practical. Even in a big bag you can easily find the strap easily. They are handmade in Athens.


Woven tea towel

These woven tea towels are the perfect gift for your practical friends who like to decorate. Nice to bring when you are invited over for dinner and drinks. Woven from 100% natural cotton fibres. The tea towels are available in 3 neutral colours that can be mixed and matched. They look great together! Made in Thessaloniki.

Macrame fish bracelet

This cute macrame fish bracelet is a great little gift. Because of the tweezer clap closure it fits all hands, so no worries about sizes! It's waterproof so you can wear it in the shower or to swim. Comes in different colours.


Macrame heart bracelet

The macrame heart bracelet also fits all hands, is waterproof and available in different colours. The bracelet is handmade in Athens.


 Greek handmade soaps

These handmade Greek soaps are for anyone having a birthday. There is a scent for each month or give the cinnamony December scent as a gift for a winter holiday feeling. The soaps are made from 100% natural products. Made in Athens.

Wooden horse decor

This handmade wooden horse is perfect for all horse fans. Minimalistic and fun, so it fits most interior styles. The horse is made in Greece with great attention to detail. Since the horse is cut and painted by hand, each horse is unique.


Raki bottle with glasses


A set of a raki bottle with matching glasses. Practical and beautiful! Of course you can put any liquor you want in the bottle. The bottle and glasses are made in Greece. A gift that you can use all year round.

Let me know in the comments which of these gifts you would most like to receive?


  • soulmade-greece: October 07, 2021
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    Thank you Viviane! Happy to hear that! :)

  • Viviane : October 07, 2021
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    I like all 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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