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The meaning of your zodiac sign

August 03 2021

The meaning of your zodiac sign

New at soulmade-greece are the zodiac necklaces. But do you know your zodiac sign? Or the zodiac sign of your friends? Find out:



 From 19/3 to 18/4-Element: Fire - Planet: Mars 

Aries are built of fire. It's all or nothing and they are full of passion. They are passionate, motivated and confident leaders. Straightforward and direct in their approach. They get frustrated by unnecessary details.



From 19/4 to 20/5 - Element: Earth - Planet: Venus

Born to love and to be loved. They have a strong desire for social and societal stability. They are grounded and have a practical and realistic approach. They know how to make the most of the advantages blessed with Venus.



From 21/5 to 20/6 - Element: Air - Planet: Mercury

Playful and intellectually curious. They are mysterious and have an energy that no one can match. As true social butterflies, they can talk to anyone. They feel that there is not enough time to see everything they want to see.



From 21/6 to 22/7 - Element: Water - Planet: Moon

Both peaceful and powerful. Protectors with the power of rulers. It can be a challenge to get to know them. They are loyal and able to empathise with other people's pain and suffering.



From 23/7 until 22/8 - element: Fire - Planet: Sun

The Leo is radiant. They posses integrity, determination and are born leaders. They are dramatic, self confident, dominant and difficult to resist. Leo often has many friends for they are generous and loyal.



From 23/8 to 22/9 - Element: Earth - Planet: Mercury

They are dedicated and resourceful. Powerful and full of magic. Virgos pay attention to the smallest details and their methodical approach to life leaves nothing to chance. They can get caught up in details that no one else seems interested in.



From 23/9 to 22/10 - Element: Air - Planet: Venus

They are sociable, charismatic, and captivating. They believe in justice and balance. Partnership is very important to them, they hate being alone. Their lives need to be enriched by music, good books and travel. They avoid conflicts and try to keep peace as much as possible.



From 23/10 to 21/11 - Element: Water - Planet: Pluto and Mars

Intense and powerful with a strong heart wild from flame. Scorpios are resourceful, dedicated and fearless when there's a challenge to overcome. They are good in keeping secrets and will do anything for the person they choose in their life.



From 22/11 until 21/12 - element: Fire - Planet: Jupiter

Optimistic and strong. Full of passion and just enough madness. They have no philtres, which makes them spontaneous, rude, honest, hilarious and challenging. They are travellers, always wandering the world in search of the meaning of life.



From 22/12 to 19/1 - Element Earth - Planet: Saturn

Delightful, chaotic, and determined. They have a shining heart and are masters of self-control. They must learn to forgive in order to make their own lives easier and more positive. They value loyalty and hard work more than anything else.



From 20/1 to 18/2 - Element: Air - Planet: Uranus, Saturn

They are strong- willed, have a free spirit, and a devotion to life. They are able to see people without prejudice and that makes them very special. There is nothing that attracts an Aquarius more than an interesting conversation.



From 19/2 to 20/3 - Element: Water - Planet: Neptunus

Kind and good-natured as a dream. They come from a planet of inspiration and illusion. They have empathy and incredible emotional capacity. You might do too much for other people out of good intentions and forget yourself.

I am curious if you recognise some characteristics of your zodiac sign or your friends' zodiac signs? Let me know in the comments if you recognised it! Also, let us know if you have any other insights about the zodiac signs...

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the meaning of your zodiac sign





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