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What is the meaning of the Greek evil eye

August 24 2021

40% of the world's cultures believe in the evil eye, known in Greece as mati.
It is a look that brings misfortune to the person at whom it is directed out of envy or dislike. The curse can be pronounced unconsciously, and it is believed that people with blue eyes in particular can easily pass it on.

The Greek evil eye


To be "cured" of the curse of the evil eye, there is a secret spell. It is given only to a few people. I have heard that someone called such a person to ask her to remove the curse. She muttered her spell and the curse was lifted. This process is called "ksematiasma".
theGreek evil eye
A pin with an evil eye is attached to the crib of a newborn baby to ward off the negative energy of visitors admiring the baby. Sometimes visitors also say "ftouftouftou" (half spitting) when admiring the newborn baby to protect it from the evil eye.
Besides wearing an amulet against the evil eye (which is supposed to protect you from the curse of the evil eye), Greeks also protect their houses. They hang eyes on the walls, have eye-shaped mirrors and pillows, or even cups and plates with little eyes.
The Greek evil eye
In Greece, every woman has an evil eye amulet in her jewelry collection. A necklace, bracelet, earrings - they come in all forms!
The Greek evil eye
Let us know in the comments if you have an amulet or item with an evil eye? Do you have it because you believe in it or because you just think it's beautiful? If you share your eyes on Instagram, use #soulmadegreece to tag us!
products with the evil eye
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