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What is the meaning of the Greek evil eye

August 24 2021

40% of world cultures believe in the evil eye, in Greece known as mati.

It's a look that brings bad luck to the person to whom it's directed to for reasons of envy or dislike. The curse can be given unconsciously, and people with blue eyes are believed to easily pass the curse.

The Greek evil eye


To get "healed" from the evil eye curse, there's a secret spell. It's only past on to a few people. I've heard someone phoning a person like this asking to remove the curse. She murmured her spell and the curse was lifted. This process is called "ksematiasma". 


theGreek evil eye
A pin with an evil eye is attached to a newborn's crib to turn back any negative energy of visitors admiring the baby. Sometimes the visitors will also say "ftouftouftou" (half spitting) when they admire the newborn to protect them from the evil eye.
Except wearing an evil eye amulet (which is believed to protect you from the evil eye curse) Greek people protect their homes as well. Hanging eyes for the walls, eye shaped mirrors and pillows or even cups and plates with little eyes.
The Greek evil eye
Recently even Meghan Markle was spotted wearing an evil eye necklace. She said it was to ward off negative energy.  In Greece it would be unusual to find a woman (famous or not) who does not have an evil eye amulet in her jewellery collection.
The Greek evil eye
Let us know in the comments if you have an evil eye amulet or object? Is it because you believe it or just because you like the way they look? When sharing your eyes on instagram use #soulmadegreece to tag us!


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