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If you love Greece and unique artisan products, you're in the right place!
At Soulmade, you'll find products which have been handmade in Greece both by myself and by other artisans. We all put our heart and soul into everything we make, and this shows.
We give preference to natural and soft colours. Which are relaxing to come home to. Everything fits together. And because of the quality and the timelessness of the designs, you'll be able to enjoy the products for years to come. We try to make and package our products as naturally as possible and recycle packaging materials as much we can. 
I have always loved working with my hands, and when I moved from Belgium to Greece, I united My love for handmade products with My love of Greece...and Soulmade was born. We produce everything in small quantities, so you won't find them in every home or in any store.
Don't hesitate to ask us questions, or just to say Hi!
Ilse x