Birthday Soaps
Birthday Soaps
Birthday Soaps
Birthday Soaps
Birthday Soaps
Birthday Soaps
Birthday Soaps
Birthday Soaps
Birthday Soaps
Birthday Soaps
Birthday Soaps
Birthday Soaps

Birthday Soaps

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Do You find it hard to choose gifts for friends and family?

You're saved, these soaps are great for everyone with a birthday!

Give a soap of the month the person is born in, made with the herbs, flowers or spices that grow in that month.


100% natural soaps handmade in Greece.


January = coffee

For most a good day starts with coffee so why not start the first day of the year with a scent of coffee soap? 

Ideal for peeling thanks to the grated coffee beans. It helps to fight cellulite. It restores the firmness of the skin.


February = Almond

The almond blooms in the middle of winter. Almond soap could not be more relevant this month! 

Moisturises and increases skin elasticity. Anti-aging and healing properties.


March = Jasmin

The flowering of Jasmin starts the first hot spring days, so the Jasmin soap belongs to March.

It restores lost skin elasticity Moisturises, ideal for dry and sensitive skin.


April = Poppy Seeds

Poppy and lilac start to bloom in April. Taking the poppy we create the exfoliating soap of April. Using the wonderful aroma of the lilac.

For soft face and body scrub.


May = Chamomile

Chamomile is usually harvested in May, so after collecting it, why not put it directly in the May soap?

Soothing effects on irritated skin.


June = Lavender

June is where the flowering of Lavender begins.

Stimulating the skin, weathered skin relief. Ideal for sensitive skin.


July = Spearmint

Spearmint blooms during Summer. We all need some freshness during Summer.

Rejuvenates the skin giving it a glow. Fights oiliness.


August = Calendula

Calendula needs a place under the Sun.

Soothing and healing. Relief from skin irritation.


September = Rose

Rose revitalizes the skin and enhances the natural glow.


October = Luffa

For the "Halloween month" the October soap is created with the luffa sponge of the winter pumpkin flavored with the wooden bamboo scent.

Scrub, feeling of well-being Ideal for peeling.


November = Olive oil

This month the olive harvest begins!

Extremely moisturizing and softening. Its natural composition makes it hypoallergenic.


December = Cinnamon

The month of Christmas needs the scent of Christmas,...Cinnamon!

It offers a glow to the skin. Tonic action.

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