Leather purse in dark brown

Leather purse in dark brown

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Leather purse in dark brown.

Just outside of the Cretan town Chania is an area where since the 19th century the tanneries for processing leather where located. In the '50s there where more than eighty tanneries, while today only six operate. The leather for this bag came from one of them.

This purse is a perfect first bag for little girls or a perfect travel companion to keep your money close.

It has a long cord where you can also make a knot in if you like it shorter.

Maintenance: The man that made this bag swears with vaseline. He advises rubbing the whole bag with Vaseline to protect it against dirt and rain. You must know that his method will make the colour one shade darker. If You find this method to scary, buy leather fat instead. Or just enjoy the stains of time to give an extra charm to the leather. 


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